Friday, December 01, 2006


That's right, the 2nd Sudan Freedom Walk is just ONE WEEK AWAY! Plans are progressing very well, with new Walkers coming forward daily. Just today, Reverend Daughtry of the House of Love Church in Brooklyn called me in Holland to say he was coming. And three college students at NYU! We're still crossing our fingers that certain celebrities who are considering attending will decide to take the leap (good celebrities, I promise).

If you've been reading the news from Sudan lately, clearly things are getting worse (check out, if you have any doubts). And they're going to get much worse if people don't step up and do something. Now. So consider joining us, or offer to house a Walker at your house for the night (especially if you live in Antwerp, Breda, or Rotterdam). Thanks! And, hopefully, see you soon!



Blogger suzanne said...

in your next post, please let us know:

what hospitals are available along the route in case of walkers' medical emergencies ?

i'm considering going but have a chronic disease and need to know first about medical facilities.

8:44 AM  
Blogger Nathan Kleinman said...

Dear Suzanne,

That's great that you're thinking of coming! We are of course very concerned about the health of our participants. One confirmed walker from the US has juvenile diabetes. I can provide you with a list of hospitals along the route if you like, but I can also assure you now that we'll have a support van and a car with us for the entire Walk, and we will never be far from a major metropolitan area. We are also already in contact with the police and other local authorities who will be prepared to respond should we need their help for any reason.

Email me at if you'd prefer to correspond personally.

Thanks for posting!


1:36 PM  

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